Know How to Get Rid Out From Biological Carpet Waste

Are you living with your pet or you have small kids in your house? If the answer is yes then you have already experience about dealing with the biological waste materials over your carpet. The worst thing on this matter is people getting used to about these biological waste & odors without hiring any cleaning professional.

Professional Carpet Cleaning
Professional Carpet Cleaning

Biological Waste:

The category of biological waste on your carpet is distinguished into two categories the liquid waste and solid waste. The urination by your kids or pets is liquid waste whereas the pee by both these items is the solid waste category. For these waste, a carpet sanitization is extremely essential. The waste materials may wash out in the simple clean process but the odor cannot out easily.

If you are the same situation as like others here are some tips for you to know if you have kids & pets in your house.

Wash Liquid Waste:

Kid’s urine & pet’s urine are under this category. When these urinate on your carpet the first thing you notice a bad odor and second thing is the deep stain. The level of the odor & stain goes deeper according to the time of urination. The longer the time passes the deeper the bad smell & stain affected on the carpet. The first thing you should do is dilute biological waste with simple water. Carpet cleaners say this one step help reduce the concentration of the odor & stain.

Use a wet vac after washing with plain water. This will suck the dirty water. For precaution never use any steam cleaning over any biological waste stain. It is because the stain & odor becomes permanent on the carpet by getting heat.

Another simple way to neutralize the bad biological odor from the carpet is the use of odor neutralizer. There is also a precaution suggested by the Carpet Cleaning Services expert that doing a sample test in a hidden area of the Neutralizer. In many cases the stain made by the neutralizer itself other than removing the odor.

Never Do Things:

The professional cleaners of Clean That Carpet always take precaution to protect your carpet get damaged by the biological waste. They suggest never use any hard chemicals to clean the carpet. Ammonia & Vinegar are such hard cleaner chemicals which never remove the bad odor but act as a spot detector for your pet to pee or urinate again.

The major issue for us in the carpet cleaning process is the cleaning of affected carpet pad by biological waste. There is no way left except complete carpet replacement because the stain & bad odor never be out once it reached the carpet pad.

Carpet Cleaning Services
Carpet Cleaning Services

Clean Solid Waste:

Solid wastes are not as dangerous as like liquid biological waste. Still, precaution should take for carpet disinfection as biological wastes have numerous infected germs, bacteria & viruses.

Visit us at Clean That Carpet. We are at Clean That Carpet technically help you to clean biological wastes from your carpet effectively and provide you the same soft & new look carpet as before. We are using the best biological waste odor neutralizer of the market.

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