Carpet Cleaning Adelaide

Make a Lasting Impact with Cleaner Beautiful Carpets

Your carpets are the first thing to attract the attention of your guests. So what can you do to make a lasting impression on the onlookers? Professional carpet cleaning is the answer for you. We at Clean That Carpet Adelaide have been working for over 20 years to make carpets cleaner, healthier, and more hygienic than ever. Our 100% eco-friendly cleaning solutions take the looks of your carpet to next level and make them cleaner from deep inside.

Carpet Cleaning Adelaide
Carpet Cleaning Adelaide

Choose our affordable carpet cleaning services all across Adelaide and let Clean That Carpet take care of your precious carpets.

Why Professional Carpet Cleaning

If you read manufacturer’s instructions on your carpet, you will find that they recommend professional cleaning once every season. This is so because home carpet cleaning is unable to clean the deeper fibres of the carpet. You can vacuum the dust from the surface but the contaminants inside cannot be eliminated by homely methods. Also, when you let your carpet stay unclean for long you unintentionally let diseases step into your life. Professional carpet cleaning provides deep carpet cleaning, eliminates contaminants, removes stains, and makes your carpet hygienic  

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Worried about the fading looks of that expensive rug you bought for your office reception? Let us add life to it. Clean That Carpet has a separate team for commercial carpet cleaning services. We understand that it requires a different kind of approach to clean carpets during working hours of an office and we handle it as smoothly as possible to avoid any disturbance at your workplace.

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Residential Carpet Cleaning Adelaide
Residential Carpet Cleaning Adelaide

Make your residential carpets a place for growth of happiness and not mould! Dirty carpets are a storehouse of mould, bacteria, germs, and all sorts of contaminants. And when your kids play on these unclean carpets they get exposed to these contaminants. We at Clean That Carpet Adelaide eliminate all germs from your carpets and make them thoroughly clean. Our carpet cleaning goes deep within and cleans every fibre strand of the carpet for absolute satisfaction.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

We suggest carpet steam cleaning for those carpets that are too dirty or heavily stained and need tough cleaning. Here is how we do it:

  • Your carpet first needs to be cleared off solid particles like pet hair, human hair, and skin flakes. For this we pre-vacuum the carpets.
  • Stains mar the beauty of a carpet but we have sure shot solution for all kinds of stains.
  • Then we perform the steam cleaning process that involves hot water extraction. This uses high pressured hot water for deep cleaning of the carpet. Cleaning solution is used along with this water. And then extraction is done to extract water-soap solution along with contaminants.
  • After cleaning, we set the carpet piles for a smoother and softer feel.
  • Carpet drying takes place using highly advanced carpet dryers. You can walk on the carpet within 8 hours of the steam cleaning.
  • Before final carpet inspection, we deodorize and sanitize the carpet to make it completely hygienic for use.

Carpet Dry Cleaning

Carpet Dry Cleaning Adelaide
Carpet Dry Cleaning Adelaide

Carpets made of fragile fabric are suggested to be cleaned using carpet dry cleaning method. It produces better results with less water. Here is how we do it:

  • Carpet dry cleaning also begins with pre-vacuuming to get rid of solid particles.
  • Carpet dry cleaning requires is more complicated as deep cleaning is to be done without using much water. We have special kind of eco-friendly solutions that are injected in the carpet fabric for deep cleaning.
  • Third step of carpet dry cleaning is residual removal. We use latest vacuum cleaners to do this and get rid of even the minutest particle from your carpet.
  • Dry cleaned carpets can be used almost within an hour of the cleaning.
  • Before we do a final carpet inspection we deodorize and sanitize the carpets for fresh & hygienic look.

Why Choose Carpet Cleaning From Clean That Carpet

Out of numerous carpet cleaners in Adelaide, Clean That Carpet is a highly experienced, extremely knowledgeable, and completely reliable carpet cleaning company. If you do not want to waste your time and money then come to us to experience a flawless carpet cleaning service. Also,

  • We provide 24×7 customer service.
  • We have friendly staff comprising experienced and certified cleaners.
  • We have the finest carpet cleaning tools for different types of carpet fabrics.
  • We offer lowest prices for carpet cleaning.
  • We never use any harmful chemicals for carpet cleaning.
  • We provide same day and emergency day carpet cleaning too.
  • Clean That Carpet is an Adelaide-based, fully insured company.

At Clean That Carpet Adelaide, our aim is to give a healthy atmosphere to everyone. Our cleaning services, especially carpet cleaning, makes your life happier, cleaner, and healthier. So if you wish to lead a healthy life and secure the health of your loved ones then cleaner carpets are must! Come to Clean That Carpet and we will make every carpet at your home/office stunningly clean.

”Search For Carpet Cleaners Ended”

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I have been looking out for professional carpet cleaners in Adelaide. Finally, I found Clean That Carpet as a great help. Their team members cleaned my carpet and now I find my old carpet look newer and cleaner. Clean That Carpet have the best carpet cleaners of Adelaide. The team is well trained to perform any kind of carpet cleaning. I would like to recommend their name to all my friends who want the best professionals to clean their carpets. Hats off to the team of Clean That Carpet. I am really happy with your service. You guys did a great job.

Location: Adelaide, SA, Australia

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